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From farming and later milling,  Kahawa Chai Classic Beans Ltd green coffee is graded and classified for export. The aim is to produce homogenous commercial lots that meet defined quality criteria, and hence facilitate a fair system of pricing. However, there is no universally accepted grading and classification system for green coffee. Each producing country has developed its own classification and grade methods, which are often
used to set minimum standards for export. Our coffee is purely unprocessed and potentially can be graded to any grade depending on your level of processing.

Working Process

Getting to coffee farm is one of the most rewarding things one can do. Whether you’re harvesting coffee or starting a coffee vegetation, anyone can benefit from getting their hands a little dirty. But it can be difficult to get the harvested to consumers. Our steps ease farmers into growing and reward you for your efforts with high consumer clients.

We relieve all these processes from our clients and just deliver it to their door steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we expot to Europe, and other African countries and also all over the world to potential clients
Unless advised, the cost offered in the quotation includes everything required to get coffee to your door steps
It depends on the quantity ordered and your place of residence where its being delivered. But at all costs in as soon as possible

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