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    Price Related Questions

    1. How is the cost for a supply calculated?

    Ours is based on all costs invloved from ordering to delivering to your door steps. Quantity, logistics and service

    2. What if the packaging delivered exceeded the amount I needed?

    The cost will remain as the figure quoted at the order stage quotation document.

    3. Can I order prior like 3 months away?

    Extending the time needed for supply is usually possible, but it depends on the quantity you want. This kind of inquiry is only for bulk orders, and should not exceed 6months.

    4. What are your payment options?

    We accept credit, debit cards and cash.

    Additional Services

    1. Do you offer planting services?

    No, but we can connect you to fertile land places you can plant your coffee or tea, but can’t promise you that we will be your client.

    2. Can you take care of my coffee and tea farm ?

    Yes, we can, but at a certain agreed cost that will involve farm expenses for gorwing.

    3. Can you supply for me on credit?

    Yes, but on clearly agreed and signed terms and conditions, otherwise we prefer atleast 80% payment before delivery process starts. This is because of the nature of this business in terms of legal requirements and logistic expenses.


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