Tea Leaves

Tea leaves supply for processing

Tea Leaves Supply

Tea leaves appear in different sizes from small to medium sizes, from oval to elliptical in shape of sizes 5-10 centimeters in length. The shiny dark green leaves grow in an alternate pattern. These are leathery in texture, and have serrated edges that taper to a pointed tip. Tea leaves are also known to have hairy undersides, and there is a central, light green vein running the length of the leaf. The leaves grow on a thick, dark brown fibrous stem. Tea leaves have a bitter taste with herbal, grassy notes and may offer a tannic mouthfeel when steeped.

Working Process

Tea Leaves supply process involves harvesting, withering, Enzyme kill, and Leaf Maceration – Physical breakage of leaves. Tea leaves harvest is a delicate process that is not done quickly for the fear of damaging the tea leaves.  The majority of tea is still harvested by hand but tea leaves can also be harvested in mechanical picking depending on the variety of tea.  Manual harvesting allows for discrimination in selection where priority is placed on the younger leaf shoots, as they are the highest in caffeine and antioxidants where the saying “two and a bud.” was derived.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We source our tea leaves from farms all over Kenya
It depends with the quantity you ordered and the place of delivery
We also offer you a guidance/advise on handling those tea leaves to extract the optimal results from your pack

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